Some benefits to reap from Pokémon Go

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Image credit:SWNS

Since its launch on 5 Jul, most of us have been kept quite busy – and hooked. We’ve been busy training the Pokémon monsters, reliving the nostalgia of the 90s and catching ’em all’  as the Pokemon GO fever spreads.

Pokemon Go is phenomenally popular, and according to SurveyMonkey, it is now the most downloaded game in the history of mobile gaming – outstripping Candy Crush. Amidst the safety concerns this has generated, and the inherent risks highlighted since the get-go, there are also some benefits that can be derived from playing it –  if done with caution and without extreme obsession. See below some of those benefits.

1.)Health improvement

Research carried out showed how playing Pokemon Go has helped and motivated people with dealing with depression and social anxiety to step out of their homes to play, and as a result have overcome the condition. Whilst this is not a treatment for depression and anxiety, it is a step in the direction of dealing with.

2.) Social interaction

As ‘trainers’ (Pokemon players) converge outside and move around to advance to the next level, its inevitable that they would have to engage with other trainers in conversations, battle them – or simply ask if they’ve seen a Pokémon. The sense of community often felt from meeting several people at Pokestop makes the game worthy of a try.

pokemonGo 3
(Image credit: Hunter Walker via Twitter)

3.) Get up & go jolt

Unlike other games, Pokemon Go does not allow paying to earn points or badges.  To progress to the next level, battle others and be part of a team, you really have to go out there.  For instance, incubating eggs , which requires walking up to 5 miles, and visiting Pokestops and gyms (not real-world gyms) mean physically getting out to find them. Getting out to find them translates to burning some extra calories.

4.) Discovering the great outdoors

Landmarks you never thought existed, perhaps due to driving instead of walking cannot be missed when walking a few miles in search of a rare Pokemon becomes an option. By ‘wandering’ and exploring the environment, you may find an idyllic spot where an exotic Pokemon may be hiding.

5.) Business boost

Lures modules, which are can be purchased in the app are used in attracting wild Pokemons to PokeStops for a short while – 30 mins,to be exact.  And where the Lures are, there the pocket monsters ( and their ‘catchers’) would be too.  With some major office buildings and shop fronts being used as Pokestops, businesses can easily use Lures in driving customer traffic and engagements, and boost sales through promotions and offers.   Some stores used as Pokestops and gyms have as a result seen spike in the sales of mobile devices accessories purchased to improve the user experience whilst playing the game.

Although the pros might make the game seem more appealing such that you want jump on the bandwagon, but also pay attention to the various appeals in the media on taking safety precautions. You can ‘catch em all’ – but safety!

Are there other benefits you’ve derived from playing Pokémon Go?  Leave a comment and let us know.



  1. Pokemon Go seemed to me to be distraction turning grownups into kids again. Nice to know that there are real benefits that affect the bottom line + health and wellbeing.

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