Here they come…the Chatbots


Artificial Intelligence – AI is fast-changing the way we live.  From the mundane to even complex tasks, knowingly or not, it is becoming our ‘go-to’.

In the last year, we have seen the number of chatbots assisting us with our everyday affairs increase remarkably. And, oh! they come in various shapes and designs too, each one with its own unique feature.  Among many of them, mentioned in this post are some we have all been talking about lately:

Amazon Echo: Taking over our homes in the form of a voice-activated assistant is Alexa; the name of the software powering Echo. Through its voice-control you can access the news, music, weather information, alarm and other services.  Synched with Amazon-owned Kindle, it can also read to you that thriller you can’t seem to put down. Better still, play it to you, if linked to your Audible.

And Chill bot: Long chats about movie choice and not reaching a consensus on what to watch could soon end. And Chill bot works via Facebook messenger and SMS asking the user a range of questions such as naming the last movie they saw and enjoyed, and what they enjoyed the most about the movie. The algorithm behind this uses the answered provided in giving a recommendation on movies to choose on Netflix. With each of the recommended movie is also a YouTube link to the trailer.  And Chill is available for use through the named channel.

Foursquare’s Marsbot: Launched about a month ago by Foursquare is Marsbot, a very intelligent feature within the Foursquare app that tells the user by text message where to eat or drink – even before it is asked. The recommendations Marsbot gives are based on the user’s current location, the spots usually frequented and the kind of food or drink they like and usually go for.   The app displays its location intelligence further by letting the user know of the latest restaurant or hangout in the area.





Marsbot is only available in New York and San Francisco for now and interested parties who sign up would be on a waiting list until this is gradually released to them.

x.Ai (virtual assistant Amy or Andrew) owned by New-York based start-up  is a personal assistant for scheduling meetings. It steps in to do its job once the user copies in its email address in the meeting schedule. By searching the user’s calendar, it comes up with suggestions on places and times to hold the meeting, avoiding possible clashes.

With the few here and much more out there, prepare for a shift in the way we do business and relate as we live our daily lives – all powered by AI.

Any other chatbots out there you would like us to know about?


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